Cancellations and Refund Policy

Following are the details specifying the return policy of Al Syed Legal Translation under its website

Translation Services:

  • The approved project is applicable for cancellation only if the same has not been assigned to the translator yet. In this case, 100% amount shall be refunded.

  • Cancellation policy is subject to revision after mutual understanding in writing, only prior to approval of the project.

Editing Requests:

Editing can be requested only in following conditions: 

  • Replacing any word with relevant synonyms 

  • Word Preferences

  • Spelling of names as per legal document 

  • Illegible words

Editing can be done on immediate basis and multiple times. It is pertinent mention that every language in this world have various styles to form sentences or phrases. Therefore, your suggestions and opinion can differ from what has been translated by the translator. As a result, we are absolutely open to discussion and ready to implement edits as per your feedback and suggestions. 

Errors, Omissions and Incorrect Translation: 

When it comes to the highest quality translation services company, Al Syed Legal Translation tops the list. Notwithstanding, it guarantees maximum level precision and perfection in the translated content. However, if you still find any kind of error, omissions or mistranslation in the translated file, you can communicate to us immediately. Our translation coordinators shall take immediate action in getting your documents rectified. 

  • Name spellings as well as word preferences shall not be construed as incorrect translation or errors. Therefore, refund shall not be valid in such cases. 

  • If customers keep on insisting that the translation produced by ASLT has been translated incorrectly and claims for refund, it shall be made possible only by setting up direct communication between customer and respective translator and an independent translator cum reviewer shall be performing a role of arbitrator and get engaged to resolve the issue amicably. 

  • However, if the independent translator disagrees with the quality of translation completely and there is left no room of proofreading and revision, consequently the customer intends to get the refund instead of re-translating the documents, 100% amount shall be refunded to the customer. 

  • If the customer agrees upon to complete proofreading and still ASLT fails to meet required quality standards, a partial refund shall be offered to the extent the quality has been compromised. 

  • In any case, ASLT’s liability is limited only to either fix the errors or refund the amount in extreme circumstances. 

  • Al Syed Legal Translation does not take any responsibility or indemnity obligations. 




  • Al Syed Legal Translation follows strictest screening process to ensure no part of the document has been left untranslated. However, if you still find any section, paragraph or page of the project mistranslated you can report it immediately to your customer coordinator to get it fixed promptly. 

  • If you find us unable to get the missing part translated within the promised turnaround, ASLT shall inform you immediately in order to extend the deadline or get the partial refund against the untranslated section. 

  • It is important to mention that ASLT does not take responsibility of translating illegible texts if content of the same shall not be provided by the client separately.




  • In case the translated file has not been reproduced in the same formatting as per the source file exactly and the same was not paid and agreed between ASLT and customer, no refund shall be entertained in this regard. 


Delivery Delay


  • When it comes to timely commitment, ASLT appears to be the first name in the industry. Unfortunately, delays can still occur due to unforeseen circumstances. Despite having 99.9% track record of timely completion of our customers projects, we understand that sometimes due to unfortunate reasons, your project may not have been accomplished on-time. In this case, ASLT has the rights to renew the deadline but if customer does not accept any further extension of deadline, partial amount of the project shall be refunded after deducting the cost of translated part of the project.

  • However, delivery terms and conditions can be discussed and agreed in writing and refunds related to it can also be itemized therein. 

Interpretation Services:

  • If the interpretation services are cancelled within 48 hours of the assignment, 50% of the total amount shall be deducted as cancellation charges and the remaining amount shall be refunded to the buyer. 

  • However, if the expenditures on the interpreter (such as airfare, hotel booking, any advance amount paid to the interpreter) exceeds 50% of the total invoiced amount, then the greater amount will be charged. 

  • If the interpreting assignment is cancelled within 24 hours, 100% amount shall be deducted and no refund shall be entertained. 

  • However, conditions of refund can be discussed and agreed in advance and the same shall be conformed through an official agreement or any other official communication source such as email and Whatsapp. 

  • If the interpreting assignment is cancelled before or during the event due to any reason whatsoever, no refund shall be entertained to the customer. 

For more information and clarification on ASLT’s refund/cancellation policies, you are kindly requested to contact us through email, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. [email protected]

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