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What makes Al Syed Legal Translation the best choice for your translation, interpreting, audiovisual, transcription, subtitling, simultaneous interpretation equipment, and content writing services needs in Dubai?

  • Professionalism: Experienced and trained professionals with a commitment to providing quality services
  • Quality: Certified translation services and accuracy in all services
  • Multi-lingual Services: Expert translation and interpretation services in over 200 languages
  • Audiovisual Services: Audio and video recording, editing, and dubbing services
  • Transcription Services: Text transcribed from audio/video recordings
  • Subtitling Services: Professional subtitling services in various languages
  • Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment: State-of-the-art equipment for simultaneous interpretation
  • Content Writing Services: Professional content writing services in various languages Fast
  • Turnaround Times: Fast and reliable turnaround times
  • Competitive Prices: Competitive prices for all services

Professional Translation

ASLT has a permanent elite panel of accredited qualified native professional translators, all having university degrees in translation and a minimum of 10-20 years of experience in the field and the subject matter concerned. Translation services in over 200 languages (Legal, Medical, Technical, Marketing, and more than 100 other fields of specialization)

Interpretation Service

Are you in need of professional interpreters in Dubai or any part of UAE? Look no further since we are the leading provider of professional interpretation services in UAE & across the globe. Interpretation services in over 200 languages (Simultaneous Interpreting, Consecutive Interpreting, Whispering, Liaison, Video/Telephone, Sign Language, Relay, Site …)

Interpretation Equipment

Whether you need rental or sales; simultaneous interpretation or assistive listening; technology or an expert human being, we have the solution. We have one of the largest collections of simultaneous translation equipment in the UAE and a huge database of language professionals.

Accredited Legal Translation

ASLT is duly accredited by All Government Departments, Ministry Of Justice, Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, Courts Of the U.A.E, Embassies, Ministry Of Education, RTA, Banks, Dubai Municipality & More Than Other 100 Official Government Entities Within & Outside The United Arab Emirates.

Complete Event Solution

Complete Event Solutions such as Wired and Wireless Conference microphones, Event Lighting, Searchlight Effects, Wireless LEDs, Festoon Lighting, Audio and AV, Truss and Staging, Two-Way Radios, Special Effects, Wired Discussion, Wireless Discussion, Voting Systems, Automated Cameras, Digital NameSigns, Tour Guide Systems

Proofreading / Copyediting

Proofreading services exist to ensure that your documents are free of embarrassing mistakes before they go to press or online. Proofreading is a skill that proofreading services requires a real eye for detail and in-depth knowledge of your audience or target market which gives our proofreading services a cutting edge.

Attestation Services

ASLT provides expedited legalizations, attestations, notarizations, certifications, authentication, and apostil services to certify documents from the Embassy of UAE, India, Pakistan, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and 200 other countries.

Voice Over and Dubbing

ASLT has been honored as the best voice artist company rendering Voice Over & Voice Dubbing services in the whole of Dubai and across the United Arab Emirates. We have voice talent artists who speak the voice of your product, commercials or any kind of documentary, incorporating the narrations that fit best according to the source material.

Designing & Printing

ASLT is actively engaged in the provision of specialized printing services in addition to rendering graphic design services in Dubai & across the United Arab Emirates. We are in the industry of printing services for the last 5 years and a large group of SME & large corporate sectors

Transcriptions ( Audio & Video )

ASLT is recognized as one of the best service providers in the field of transcriptions of all types of audio & video content, beside this we also offer our services for transcript synchronization and captioning of audio or video content. We provide these services for DVDs, Videotapes, Webcasts, Podcasts or Streaming Media.

Website Translation and Localization

We are specialized in the translation and localization of websites by our professional web designers cum translators, who have complete knowledge of developing and adjusting images, templates, and placement of the contents at their specified locations. If your website is being translated into Arabic, French, German, Italian, or any other language

Business Setup & PRO

ASLT has built a very strong team of PRO & Business Consultants, ready to process all your company's official transactions with any government department, ministry, or any official authorities in Dubai and other Emirates.

Interpreting Services Customized for Your Business Needs

Making Your Business Easier to Understand: Professional Interpreting Services for All Industries

Legal Translation:

  • Corporate & Commercial Legal Translation
  • Financial & Banking Legal Translation
  • Immigration & Visa Legal Translation
  • Tax & Customs Legal Translation
  • Personal & Family Legal Translation
  • Real Estate & Property Legal Translation
  • Employment & Labour Legal Translation
  • Litigation & Dispute Resolution Legal Translation



  • Intellectual Property Legal Translation
  • Contract & Agreement Legal Translation
  • Regulatory & Compliance Legal Translation
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Legal Translation
  • Insolvency & Bankruptcy Legal Translation
  • Legal Document & Website Translation
  • Judicial & Court Document Legal Translation
  • Criminal & Civil Law Legal Translation

Medical Translation

  • Clinical Trial Documentation Translation
  • Clinical Research Translation
  • Medical Device User Manual Translation
  • Medical Record Translation
  • Medical Device Labeling Translation
  • Pharmaceutical Documentation Translation
  • Medical Journal Translation
  • Medical Textbook Translation
  • Medical Software Localization
  • Medical Terminology Translation
  • Patient Education Material Translation
  • Medical Device Software Translation
  • Medical Website Translation
  • Medical App Translation



  • Medical Video Translation
  • Telemedicine Translation
  • Hospital Information System Translation
  • Clinical Database Translation
  • Clinical Protocol Translation
  • Patient Information Leaflet Translation
  • Medical Equipment Instruction Manual Translation
  • Medical Billing and Coding Translation
  • Medical Newsletter Translation
  • Medical Marketing & Advertising Translation
  • Medical Certificate Translation
  • E-Learning Translation
  • Healthcare & Wellness Translation
  • Legal & Insurance Translation

Technical Translation

  • Software Localization
  • Website Translation and Localization
  • Manuals and User Guides
  • Technical Specifications
  • Product and Instruction Manuals
  • Product Descriptions
  • Technical Documents
  • Patents
  • Legal Documents
  • Technical Reports
  • Safety Data Sheets
  • Technical and Engineering Drawings
  • Datasheets



  • Technical Training Materials
  • Standards and Regulations
  • User Interface Translation
  • Mobile App Translation
  • Audio/Video Translation
  • Technical Documentation
  • Translation Automotive Manuals
  • Equipment Manuals
  • Safety Manuals
  • Installation Instructions
  • Service Manuals
  • Scientific Articles
  • Technical Presentations
  • Technical Brochures

Website Translation and Localization

  • Website Content Translation
  • Website Internationalization
  • Website Globalization
  • Website Transcreation
  • Multilingual copywriting
  • Content Adaptation
  • Multi-language Website Support
  • Mobile Website Localization
  • Software Localization
  • Video Localization
  • Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Terminology Management



  • Content Writing Services
  • Language Copyediting
  • Global Branding and Messaging
  • Voice-Overs
  • Multilingual Content Management
  • Website Interface Translation
  • Website Navigation Translation
  • Multilingual email campaigns
  • Multilingual Social Media Marketing
  • Multilingual Digital Marketing
  • Multilingual Online Advertising
  • SEO content translation
  • Image and Video Translation

Advertising Translation

  • Copywriting and Editing Translation
  • Social Media Translation
  • Advertising Video/Audio Translation
  • Website Localization
  • Multilingual Advertising
  • Print Advertising Translation
  • Tagline Translation
  • Brochure Translation
  • Multicultural Marketing Translation
  • Voiceover Translation
  • Subtitling Translation
  • SEO Translation
  • Print Advertising Translation
  • Radio Advertising Translation
  • Online Advertising Translation
  • Banner Ad Translation



  • Telemarketing Translation
  • Creative Advertising Translation
  • Branding Translation
  • Digital Advertising Translation
  • Outdoor Advertising Translation
  • Point-of-Purchase Translation
  • Direct Mail Translation
  • Brand Name Translation
  • Local Market Research
  • Video Subtitling
  • Image Localization
  • Tagline Translation
  • Slogan Localization
  • Advertising Collateral Translation
  • Social Media Advertising Translation
  • Digital Advertising Translation
  • Localization for Advertising Campaigns

Marketing Translation

  • Email Marketing Translation
  • Marketing Collateral Translation
  • Promotional Materials Translation
  • Multilingual Copywriting
  • Social Media Localization
  • Multilingual Brochure and Flyer Translation
  • Multilingual Email and Newsletter Translation
  • Multilingual Catalog and Product Descriptions
  • Multilingual Product Packaging Translation
  • Multilingual Public Relations Translation
  • Video dubbing
  • Print advertisement translation
  • Marketing strategy translation
  • SEO and Keyword Translation
  • Multimedia Translation
  • Voiceover Translation



  • Travel & Tourism
  • Corporate Communications Translation
  • Event Management Translation
  • Graphic Design Translation
  • Product Launch Translation
  • Public Relations Translation
  • Sales Promotion Translation
  • Video Production Translation
  • Transcreation of Digital Ads
  • Online & Print Media
  • Branding & Identity
  • Customer Support Documentation
  • eCommerce Content
  • Product Descriptions
  • Events & Trade Show Materials
  • Video & Audio Content
  • Press Releases & Public Relations Content

Publishing Translation

  • Academic/Scholarly Publishing
  • Technical and scientific publishing
  • Literary publishing
  • Professional publishing
  • Legal publishing
  • Educational publishing
  • Government and corporate publishing
  • Religious publishing Trade publishing
  • Children's and young adult publishing
  • Comics and graphic novel publishing
  • Online publishing and digital media
  • Audio publishing



  • Multi-language publishing
  • Localization
  • Post-editing services
  • Business and Marketing Publishing
  • Subtitling and Dubbing
  • Popular Publishing
  • Government Publishing
  • Technical Publishing
  • Transcreation
  • Magazine and Newspaper Translation
  • Brochure and Catalog
  • Book Translation
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