Chinese Legal Translation Facts

Chinese is one of the first written languages to exist

The Chinese language is the oldest to exist and has a history going almost 6000 years back. The written language, that is, the alphabetical system, was standardized in the third century BC. However, the spoken language has evolved over the years and is still developing.

There are no tenses and cases in the Chinese language

Undoubtedly, the Chinese language is the one the most difficult languages to learn but its grammar is comparatively easier than the rest. It has no concept of gender, upper or lower cases, plurals, as well as tenses. This makes it easier for people to get a grip on the language, but the spoken language still increases the difficulty, anyway.

There are more than 80,000 alphabets in the Chinese language

Unlike the English language, the Chinese language has over 80,000 alphabets. However, only around 4000 are in regular use for everyday spoken language.

If you were planning to learn it, but this discouraged you, don’t worry. There is a simpler version of the language that is especially available for foreigners who are willing to take a grip of the Chinese language.

Chinese Legal Translation Facts
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