How Legal Translation in Damac Hills is different than other translations?

Language Styles

Every legal document is different depending on its purpose. It may only be required to disseminate information, use in a court of law, perform notarial certification or be considered in an official exchange of trade or services. For accurate translations, correct use of style is a requisite as in the original text. 

Formulations are to be considered closely to bring precision in formulations and maintain the logical structure. Style can be slightly altered in general translations to keep authenticity; however, these have to be ensured in legal translations.


Given that legal translation holds many differences from other types of translations, after selection, the accuracy of work mainly falls on the translation agency or service. The company should be able to have a complete grasp over the socio-cultural and legal context of the two languages. For audiences with different societal backgrounds, an accurate and professionally completed translation is critical for communication and information exchange.

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