Get Professional Legal Translation Al Barsha South

Types of Legal Translation Al Barsha South

Universally the meaning of legal translation is thought of as any type of translation in which documents having some legal standing are involved, and it’s the same in Al Barsha South. The most popular paperwork that people often get translated by Legal Translation companies are as follows;

  • depositions
  • trusts
  • witness statements
  • wills
  • immigration documents
  • some type of correspondence having legal paperwork involvement
  • acts of parliament 
  • case reports
  • legislation
  • new laws
  • litigation paperwork, etcetera


Qualities of a Legal Translator

Get Professional Legal Translation Al Barsha South
Get Professional Legal Translation Al Barsha South

The profile of a Legal Translator at Al Barsha South

Anyone doing legal translation Al Barsha South should have a proper command of Arabic as well as the language in which they are translating. They also have proper and complete knowledge of all the laws implemented in Dubai and UAE as well as the laws implanted elsewhere.

This is a significant aspect while looking at Legal translators as a native of Dubai, and UAE will have a better understanding of all of the laws and legal bindings that are implemented in the UAE as compared to a foreigner.

Although a degree of graduation or a Master’s degree in law or any particular language is not a compulsory education required in order to become a legal translator. These degrees make a difference and give an advantage in making a choice between legal translators and holds authority. Apart from this, one thing which is particularly looked at as a legal translator is his background and expertise in the two languages (Arabic and the second language). Moreover, what makes a candidate more suitable to make a legal translator is one’s genuine interest and passion for the said profession.

A legal translator should be not only knowledgeable but also academically smart. He should have the capability to rapidly absorb, understand, process, and comprehend complex legal texts and productively provide suitable and correct solutions within the required criteria.

They should be able to handle pressure and work effectively under stress because a lot of tasks for legal translators come last minute, and the clients eager for a swift turnaround. After all, the challenges of legal translation are not from any aspect simple or easy. 

Lastly, a legal translator should be well aware of the risk involved in a case he mistranslates a legal paper as the mistake can cost him not only his job but also his life. 


In conclusion, the profession of legal translation requires a high level of professionalism as legal documents often consist of many nuances that often can’t be dealt with by normal people.

Moreover, the translator should be such that he is well versed in laws implemented in UAE and Dubai as well as the other country corresponding to the language in which he is translating the document. 

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