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China is the Third-Largest Country in the World!

Currently, there are 81 languages ​​spoken in China. What makes crosswords a little more complex? Through different levels of written and oral skills, 55 national minorities use their own language. Minorities sometimes use several languages ​​at the same time to communicate. 49 languages ​​- among the 81 registered in China – bear the name of the nationality that uses it. In other words,

  • the language “han” is used by “han”,
  • the “Zhuang” by the “Zhuang”
  • and likewise for the “buyei”, the “dai” …

Wait, it will get even more complicated…

In the 32 languages ​​that remain in this linguistic menu, its name is totally different from the nationality of its speakers. (Yes, it is quite complicated) A concrete example with the 90,000 Tibetans whose mother tongue is “Gyarong”, not “Tibetan”! Do not panic! 

China works with a well-organized linguistic classification model that serves to constitute a number of language groups within the Chinese family. This model of linguistic classification is based on criteria of the distance between languages ​​and dialects, as well as other more specific conditions, such as the history of the region, ethnic identity or the evolution of nationality depending on the language. 

Chinese Legal Translation

Why is Chinese Legal Translation Required?

By reading up till here, you must have gotten a fair idea of how vast the Chinese language is. It is not just one language that has gained popularity over the years; it is a language that is spoken by billions of people and has a variety of dialects. The Chinese people are very proud of their language and no matter where they go, you will always see them communicating in their mother tongue. This is why it is even more important for you to get Chinese legal translation services for your documents if you are planning to get involved with the Chinese.

Make sure you hire professional legal translators who are well aware of both the languages at hand to avoid any inconveniences that you may face later just to save a few bucks at the early stage. Quality should always come first in legal matters!

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